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Seeking my Prince
Is that you? Maybe - maybe not........honestly. Are you seeking a sexy, fun massage this week? Contact me...

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m not sure what is going on
Seeking a PREHOT MALE that works hard and plays even HARDER...are you my forever cowboy ready to spoil?

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Let's All Just Be Honest Here
So, those that have pursued the CL venture before have either posted and, most likely, not gone through with it; or responded and did the same. Most of us are looking for someone to flirt with us and make us feel wanted. I am no different. I am married and my husband works out of town a lot. As with most long-term marriages, passion starts to sizzle. Trust me, it's even worse when he is gone often. If you find yourself in the same situation then email me. I'm looking for a friend to talk to and make me smile. I want to feel that excitement again without doing anything I may regret. Your relationship status or age is not important to me. It's only emails, right?

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I need something "more" in my life
First off i will start with this ... I am married. Yep, married. I am very unhappy, bored, and many other things, which i wont go into on here! I am searching for passion, romance, excitement again. I miss that feeling of butterflies in my stomach be [...]

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Seeking something different
I am from the south, was raised to be a good ole southern gal, but that sorta lifestyle wasn't for me. I wanted to see the world, have adventures, and everyday not being happy is certainly a waste of a day. I love to travel and I have taken even opportunity to do so. After college I spent 6 months on my own in eastern and South Africa. Too bad I came back with the malaria as a souvenir! I've also been to Canada and Mexico, Central and South America. I've spent time in Israel and on the West Bank. I have family in Spain and Italy that I imposed on during my travels. You know they love it when their American niece and cousin show up om their doorstep unannounced needing a place to crash :) I've also backpacked around Great Briton which was a lot of funOk, so I like military men, I think it has something to do with the warrior ethos that they are taught. Men who are taught to work on their own or with a team to complete a mission, to me id very impressive.Not to mention keeping a cool head when the whole world erupts aroused you into shit and you can't just stand there and die. I have nothing but respect for men who can get their way out of these situations and move on with what they are supposed to be doing while keeping their cool. I imagine it would be something like a rough day in surgery with a lot of surprises.And nothing is sexier than a man in a uniform. I've always thought myself to be a good pick for a man in the military, I am undoubtedly loyal, faithful and honest. I love the idea of my dream military guy teaching me what he know, making me into his own little soldier, and of course I would love to teach my man about emergency medical care, the two of us making a team that learns together, grows together and becomes as close as two people can be.I am a passionate person. I love deeply, which has led to me being hurt, but I've always weathered the storm. If you are looking for an attractive, loving, yet independent girl to get to know better that would be me. I like to read and spend quiet evenings at home, but I also like to go out, I love Reds games. going to the movies, and other things around town. I like the art museum and the conservatory, and I even have a collection of my own bonsai trees, which has to be the most unfulfilled hobby in the world. I am an armature writer, I have a friend who has published books all on her own through Amazon, which is a huge goal of mine. I write constantly, an NO not poetry, I'm an adult for pate's sake not a troubled 14 year old girl.Anyway, if you would like to meet and get to know someone who is above average, that wants a real relationship that gets better with time instead of stagnant and hostile like I see many couples out there today, you may want to email me. I'm a pretty girl, although I am kinda little. I like to learn from my partner and him from me. I also like sport bikes, beaches, camping and hiking, spending time with my dog, cooking, quiet evenings at home or going out with friends, I'd like to learn how to shoot a gun, and pretty much else anything a man would be willing to teach meI'm not the topical 30 year old woman. I'm better, special, and waiting for Mr Amazing to come along and make my life complete as I know I can do for him. * Location: houston

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New Caney Married and Loves Oral
Would love to meet up with a married guy who wants to live out a little six nine fun. MWF looking for MWM.