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married seeking married

I need something "more" in my life
First off i will start with this ... I am married. Yep, married. I am very unhappy, bored, and many other things, which i wont go into on here! I am searching for passion, romance, excitement again. I miss that feeling of butterflies in my stomach be [...]

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married meeting married

Tall SBF seeking tall SWM(25-45)
I just want a simple fwb situation with all the emotions and feelings getting caught up. I love being single and dont plan on changing that in the near future. Im tall, thick(14/16 in jeans) whos more bottom heavy than top. If intetested, tell me you [...]

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married seeking affairs

NEEDS a Serious Pussy Slave
I am a very mature West Indian lady who is seeking a pussy slave. Black is a plus but not a must be intelligent not looking for a one night stand. You must be very clean mature sane prefer someone who can host, Married men need nt reply I AM NOT SEND [...]

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can we get together today?
are there ANY men who: -need discretion? -looking for nsa only? -NOT interested in dating, hanging out, getting to know each other...? -just want to hook up and then i leave, we both get back to our lives? -CAN HOST? -local to Pinole or surroun [...]

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married but bi dating

sexy lady in search of a nice guy
I'm looking for a guy to have a booty call. I'm a never married girl that's got a sexy body. If you include a photo with your reply I'll reply sooner.

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Manic pixie dream girl seeks soulmate
If you know what a manic pixie dream girl archetype is... I am one. But as Im turning 24 later this year, I need to tone down with the the wackiness.I am getting to the stage of my maturity where I am realizing Im not the best person... but I want to be. Im not sure if Im strong enough to do it alone. Are you lost like me too? Maybe we can find the path together.I appear to be more style than substance. But my bubbly personality is just a mask to keep everyone I know at bay. My dark thoughts are purely self-regarding. I have a mysterious past, that I want you to explore in the future... I just have to trust you first.I fall in love with pretty boys and strong girls easily. I like a certain degree of androgyny in my partners... as long as the person inside the shell is healthy and understands the pursuit of happiness is itself a path. Someone who knows both light and darkness and has chosen to play the best of both worlds. Who laughs easily and enjoys making others laugh.If this sounds like you, please make me fall in love with you.I know youre out there somewhere. I know because Im here looking for you.Edit:Please dont send me a 2-line response, unless youre extremely confident in your poetic skills.And dont just tell me what you think a girl who is on craigslist wants to hear...Im looking for a soulmate, my one coquette, the answer to my love's duet, not a pick up artist.Me:Well I suppose "describe yourself" blurbs/paragraphs are very similar in nature to a Rorschach inkblot. You see yourself one way, and the world around you sees you as something completely different. That's not to say that both interpretations aren't true or just complicates things...more than a little. So how do I see myself? Well...I suppose first and foremost come the string of labels (I'm not a label fan- I feel that labels limit who we are and what we can come to be as people, but sadly, they are unavoidable) here goes...I'm white (average height (5'6), curvy (size 16, 40DDD), red hair, blue eyes), female, straight, single, mostly child-free (I teach), a non smoker, a social drinker, a political independent, who is not currently aligned with any particular religion. I'm a 6th grade, Gifted & Talented teacher, but I have an English background (yeah, I'm one of those annoying word Nazis). When I'm not working or spending time with friends and family, I've usually got my nose buried in a book, playing a video game (I'm one of those mythical female gamers!) or I'm listening to music (I am an unabashed music whore). I'm definitely attracted to the arts- traditional media, music, photography, film, etc. I admire anyone that can create...that can dream and share those dreams in turn. I'm a caffeine junkie, a night owl, and a savant of sarcasm. I like to learn about new things and new ways of looking at this thing we call life. But to put it simply... People are complicated- full of ideals, morals, values, dreams, ambitions, goals, etc...I'm no different. I'm a self admitted mess, but I'm a unique mess...and that makes me pretty fun. I'm random, energetic, passionate, and a little bit weird, I'm highly intelligent, driven, sarcastic, at times, a walking contradiction and a million other quirky things.Disclaimer:Obviously, I wouldn't be posting here if I weren't some sort of social cripple, but I know exactly who I am, and I'm not looking be changed or to change anyone.So that's me. . .who are you?You:I'm looking for a mostly sane, witty, geeky, creative, indie/emo/rock-loving, video-game playing, non-religious, socially progressive, well-educated guy who reads for pleasure (preferably fantasy/science fiction), enjoys film, and likes to debate for hours. Someone who likes Tim Burton, Depeche Mode, and Grey Goose vodka. . .Someone who is equally comfortably staying home, chilling on the couch, playing Guitar Hero II or going out for Thai food and a show.More specifically: No married or attached men. No mama drama. No friends with benefits. No creeps (Yes, this includes you "dominant" types - I'm all for kink, but I'm not into being controlled.) No smokers, no drug users, no on-the-floor drunks. Must have some kind of direction in life -- be it school or career. Ambition is a sexy quality.If you can match all of that, I think it's safe to say the rest is negotiable.Us?:Like what you've read so far? Well then, try me. . .We'll see some shows, make some stuff, read to each other, swap playlists, play drunken Scrabble, and when it stops being fun, be it two weeks or two years from now, we'll let it go. Because we are in it for the pleasure of good company, true affection, intellectual equality, and the stomach-fluttering sweetness of infatuation.