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Just looking for a cute guy to text and see if we hit it off - w4m
I really enjoy meeting people in general, but I am on here to make connections and hopefully find some chemistry :)Overall, I like to have fun in life. I am usually down for whatever and I get excited very easily! I am very independent and I don't get caught up in small or material things. Since I am very versatile, I really enjoy the city and everything it has to offer!I can throw on some sneakers and hit the gym, a dancing class or enjoy the festivals, hiking, camping or something random, like rock climbing! Bare foot for a yoga class, Bikrim, the beach, laying out in the park or hanging around my apartment on a lazy day. I can also throw my heels on and go dancing, find a new restaurant, or go to an event. Or put on some flats for a boozy brunch, hit a museum, go to see a movie, hit up a dive bar, vintage/thrift shopping, house party or walking around.I love music! Really into classic rock, and my vinyl collection will tell you so. But I enjoy everything from blues to indie rock, metal, jazz, electronica, hip hop...Seeing live music is my ultimate idea of a good time.What I am looking for is a man. Someone who is independent and ambitious and really knows how to treat a woman. I do not feel that chivalry is dead, and it would be great to meet someone who has a similar versatile nature. I am big on communication and enjoy meeting people with open minds and understanding. I am very playful and fun loving. Hoping to find someone to share the excitement of life with :) I'm a single white woman, 24 years old, 5'5", curvy build, and HSV positive. I watch a lot of movies, both good and bad. I have a great career that I really enjoy. I smoke, drink, and cuss like a sailor. I have an extremely sarcastic sense of humor and would expect the same from anyone I'm dating. I love going to concerts! Rock and metal bands are my favorite but I'm open to pretty much anything except for country or rap.I'm looking for a long term relationship with a man who has similar interests. Preferably between the ages of 20-38. Looks aren't as important as a good personality but attraction is definitely not to be counted out. After all, without attraction where does romance stem from? You need to have your own thoughts. Don't just agree with everything I say. Have an opinion. I'm not looking for a man to support me or treat me like a princess. A little pampering from time to time is nice but not expected. Although my favorite flowers happen to be stargazer lilies ;)I've been told I'm a bit of a tomboy. I love baseball and hockey, going to the gun range, fishing, hiking, etc. basically anything outdoors. But I also enjoy quiet nights in: cooking a meal, watching a movie, snuggling up to a warm body. And when I have occasion to get dressed up I clean up pretty damn well. I keep pretty late hours and like to sleep in. So if any of this sounds like something you might be interested in shoot me a message with a bit about yourself, any questions you have for me, and put one of your favorite songs in the subject line.Just looking for a cute guy to text and see if we hit it off :) A little about me: I work, go to school, have my own vehicle, pretty active. I go to the gym about 4 times a week, and ove doing things at random :) Well email me with a pic and a little about you :) Please be between 19-24. I will send a pic when I get yours so I know your not a spam.

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Lets get that
Single female seeking that handsome guy who loves the intimate touch. Seeking that man who is aware to touching and rubbing all over a womens body. If you know how to rub out those tired muscles and can finish it all off. Send a pic

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Seeking Bestfriend and Partner
I work as a Teacher and enjoy what I do. My interests are sports, golfing, the gym, Uconn games, hiking, mtn biking, a baseball game. I also enjoy traveling, daytrips, movies, reading, concerts,a nice dinner and glass of wine, museums, broadwayshows in the city and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I'm at a great place in my life and I am hoping to find a great guy to share thespecial moments with. Please be between the ages of 30-47 and preferably no kids as I look forward to my own with the right person.

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discreet fun!
looking for someone who can be discreet that is looking for some fun! I'm married and i need some excitement in my life..need to feel the rush of being with someone new. I am a bbw, but i think you will be surpried on how attractive I am..and on my talents;-) hope you can host..please be d/d/d free..condoms a must.

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Because...why not?
Etiquette for Horny Craigslisters Honesty/TruthfulnessWell my friends as I see it, there is already too much lying and dishonesty going on in our lives. Particularly for those of us with significant others. I mean it's not easy, if not down right impossible to say to your other half "Honey we need to have more sex." "Baby, I really enjoy eating you out, why can't you spread'em open for me sometimes?" "Sweetie, I'd really like to take it in the ass, why can't you help me out?" But I digress, the point is we are hanging out in this section of the personals for a reason, and here, you can let your freak flag fly. I propose to you that we be as up front and straightforward as humanly possible but without any unnecessary cruelty. Examples..If you contact me and after seeing your pic I decide not to move forward, I might say "Sorry, you are not my type." Now I didn't say you were ugly and I didn't say you were attractive, simply not my type. Now I'm not going to go out of my way to tell someone that they are FUGLY simply in the interest of being honest, but acknowledging a deficit in attraction to someone because of type is less cruel and still gets the job done.Also, if you get cold feet and decide not to meet with someone, tell them! It's cruel to leave someone hanging. If you decide they are not your type after all, say as much. Or at the very least, make up something plausible. Had a last minute meeting, getting back together with my girlfriend, whateves. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a little common courtesy. I mean we all want to get layed here but let's make the process as pleasant as possible. Hm.. maybe I shouldn't bring this up but, I guess I'm a little salty cuz I got stood up today. So people, let's just be nicer to one another. *Side NoteIt has been suggested that perhaps I should have a blog that addresses such matters as I address here. Would also stop me from clogging up precious space in the personals section. Would appreciate your feedback on this. :o)For those of you who missed previous posts here ya go...Helpful Hints for Horny Craigslisters Hint #1 (part DUH) - Photos, keeping it realThought it would be a while before I would have to revisit this topic. I see now that the need is great. Allow me to elaborate upon my previous suggestions. THE PHOTO YOU SEND TO SOMEONE IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Look at the picture, really look at it. Do you think you look good? Are you sure? I'm doing this because there are these repeat offenders that keep sending the same lame pics. Some of you have potential but you seem to be out of touch on how to best present yourself! Some examples...The guy that is still rocking the long metal rock fro, 1987 called it want's it's hair back! Guys over 40, don't try to hang on to the past, it's gone. The good news is if you get yourself a nice tight haircut you will knock 10 years off your age! :o) Your hair metal band princess may not be on CL so you have to make yourself as appealing to as many women as possible to have a chance. If you are going bald keep it short a la Bruce Willis or Jason Stathem. Trust me, it's much hotter.Facial hair, you are limiting the pool of women who might be interested in you if you are sporting odd facial hair. My opinion is that clean shaven is best and makes you look younger especially if you are going gray. Mustaches are out! Forget it hipster boy, you still look silly, shave it! Now beards can be helpful if they are well groomed. They can add definition to a week chin or jawline, exhibit A, Dave Grohl.Do not send a picture that looks like a mug shot. If you think you look good in a serious pic at least send another of you smiling. It will help take the serial killer edge off. Candid shots tend to be better than posed shots because they look more natural. Of course if you don't have any then I guess you have to work with what you got. If the pic is of you far away or it's blurry, I'm thinking you are trying to hide something. Clear and fairly close up is best.Lastly, don't make stupid faces. No one is laughing, well..I might be, but at you. ;oPHey guys, thanks for the positive comments and kudos, I'm glad some of you have found the hints helpful. I was flagged again but I'm guessing it's because some punk or other out there doesn't want you to hone your skills and become their competition! Shame on you, you jerk! Give your fellow horny craigslister a fighting chance! Truth time, this may all seem a bit altruistic, but I have my own selfish motivations. I'm just tired of getting half ass responses to my posts and I'm sure I'm not alone. I do question if I'm doing the right thing.. I mean if you can't manage to get it together and sell yourself to a horny female, then maybe you don't deserve the pussaaay?! Maybe it's kind of like...survival of the fittest? To those wondering...Yes I am a woman. I do not put up my vitals and pic because that is not the purpose of these posts.Also I just want to say, thanks to the fella who said I was marriage material, that was very sweet. And I am in fact married. But sometimes one finds oneself in need of a special friend, a craiglist friend. ;)BTW I've heard from more than one source that there are women on here besides me so hang in there.I've been asked about cock pics. To send or not to send and what if you are not the most endowed guy? I think this is personal to each woman. I say 7 inches cause it hits the right spots. Now some of my favorite FWBs have had less but they were really great in the sack nonetheless. I think you have to figure out how to compensate for your short cummings (Ha! Pun intended). You just got to sell yourself as best you can.Here are tips 1 - 3 if you missed them. Have a great night! :) Hint #1 - Pictures/PhotographsSend them. Period. If someone asks you to send a pic, then do it! Even if you are self conscious you never know what the other person is in to or what they find attractive. Women tend to get a lot of replies so a pic-less response from you will most likely be deleted UNLESS you are somewhere where you can't send it. If you explain your situation and promise to send a pic ASAP but send a well thought out response, you may have a fighting chance.If we are both hanging out on casual encounters my guess is neither of us is looking for our soul mate. Physical attraction features prominently (remember this is subjective) so therefore it behooves you to put your best foot forward. You really want to get layed? Then put some thought and effort into the picture you send. And no, a cock shot alone does not cut it!Hint #2 - Your Vital Statistics (to be used in conjunction with hint #1)Don't just send a pic and leave it at that. And don't just write a word or two... "Wasup?" Are you retarded? I know you're not. Common people tell me about you and I'll tell you about me (hypothetically in this instance). At the very least when responding to an ad hit the vital points such as what you look like (age, height, eye color etc). It tells me what your pic alone can't. ageraceheightweight (can substitute fit, slim, stocky etc.)eye color/hair colordick size (can be optional for some women)Now the more info, the better but let's not get crazy (not looking to read War and Peace). That's a tip for another day...Hint #3 - AttireThis is for the fellas over 40. Do not wear woven leather shoes. Just don't do it. They are dated and they make you look dated! We live in a youth culture, there is no way around it. Still wearing the shoes you bought in 1994 because they are still in good condition is NOT acceptable! There is nothing worse than seeing a well put together guy in a nice dress shirt, possibly a tie, nice slacks and then... woven leather shoes?! Try dark loafers or some nice wing tip shoes etc. Same thing goes for Hawaiian shirts. I'm a youthful person and don't want to feel like I'm going out with someones dad. Just keeping it real.Hint #4 - Grooming...down there.Being able to floss my teeth with your pubs as I'm giving you a BJ...NOT GOOD. Some guys go too far with the manscaping and manicuring some don't go far enough! Look, I trim down there for you, how about giving me the same courtesy? Now I'm not saying you have to shave yourself bald down there (frankly not a real fan of the look). Just trim the hedges back a bit, it not only looks neater but makes your dick look bigger. Now that sounds like a win win situation to me! :o)PSI was asked why women are so picky in their's cuz, we can afford to be!! Sorry fellas just being honest. Also I'm sorry that you have to put up with bots and ladies of the night. Just use your best judgement when responding. ** Be kind and don't flag. Thanks.

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seeking fwb
Swf seeking a Fwb situation. I'm 5'6, brown hair, blue eyes, hwp curvy. I'm clean ddf, non smoker, socially drink. Can meet in early morning or in evenings, maybe stay night sometimes. I can't host. Prefer someone between ages 25-35, ddf. no pic or stats no reply.