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Any Real Guys Want Clean NSA Fun?
I am very giving and attractiveI am seeking a Real Guys for Clean NSA Fun.I dont do think kind of thing much, never met a guy off craigslist before. I have an extremely high sex drive, and I make sure to keep myself very clean!

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Seeking YOUNG DICK Friday night
Any teen boys wanna kick back tomorrow night and get that dick worshipped? email me now. send a pic and # and i will text you!

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&&&Seeking PUSSy Funny & Sweet Guy &&& - w4m
I enjoy misc things such as mini golf, sushi, pool, video games, bowling, road trips., misc shows,IE burlesque, bands, art and comedy, cuddling and listening to the rain, art sessions, picnics, feeding the ducks, the dog park, board games, play wrestling, amusement parks, camping or having a simple night at home watching horror movies and ordering takeout the list is endless really. :)I'm around 5'6", curvy & thick but not bbw(inbetween) , with dark hair, brown eyes, easygoing, a night owl, artsy & somewhat nerdy but in a good way :). I love tattoos (on guys), my style is a mish mash of rocker meets rockabilly, im a foodie and a pretty simple person that enjoys good food, good music, a good movie and yes, a good beer.

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Seeking a man with a big, sexy....
truck. ;) Get your mind out of the gutter. Here is exactly what I want. We meet in a private, dark location. I get into your truck. We hop into the back seat. I pull my vibrator out of my purse; you unzip your pants. We kiss passionately - I stroke y [...]

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NSA with a down-to-earth girl?
I find that my friends have moved away, gotten married, have other priorities. I am a pretty laid back person, with a great sense of humor. My friends say I am full of energy, great personality, caring, loving, a great listener and most of all just a bubbly/fun person to be around. I am well educated, transitioning jobs and have a wonderful family. I enjoy catching the newest movies, listening to music, hanging out at the malls, trying something new and meeting new people. If it matters, I am of Indian origin and have a good blend of both cultures. If any of these sparks your interest, then feel free to get in touch. You never know, we could end up being really good friends. Hhope to hear from you!!!!Seeking a fun, down to earth guy, with whom I can have a conversation and some fun. Maybe an outdoor adventure, maybe some relaxing and sexy nights at home. =)About me... I'm 26, California grown, a college graduate, working at a preschool... young at heart and artistic, looking for fun and an intellectual adventure. I'm curvy and a bit chubby, but people think its cute. =) I am a pretty straight forward and relaxed person. Will send you a pic.Ages 21 to 30 please, any race. Really love Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius guys (can't work with Virgos or Scorpios, really sorry!) You don't have to believe in that silly stuff either, but it always seems to work for me. =) Please send a pic, your location and a bit about yourself.

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fuck me...
I'm looking for someone with heart, with substance, someone who would give a fuck about me besides the looks because, my dear internet friends, looks fade. I personally will not look as fierce as I do forever but while it's here I'm rockin' it and you can believe that as long as I'm healthy and cute that's all that matters. You will not look the same forever so in your 20's make sure that's your golden era because after that you'll be pretty depressed by how fast and superficial that was so be happy with being healthy and (insert attractive adjective here) and that confidence all by itself is attractive I've known guys that were huge but were completely ripped so don't let the size fool you I'm big myself but the men around me never seem to mind. I'm not obese, chubby bunnies seem to get lots of attention at parties especially from the scene kids, I never wondered why.I know what my worth is so I will not cut myself short when it comes to who I can catch and what I deserve in terms of relationships. I'm confident and straight forward, I can be loud, I'm a funny drinker, philosophical, musical, I like different cultures and I think books and comics are bomb.I'm not the average and I never plan to be and I never imagine I'll find one like that wether I use the interent or not. I'm not looking for the average thinker or the typical I'm looking, like I said, for the substance. I want love, the long term, a friend, a pal, someone I can talk to when I'm sad and enjoy life when I'm ok. Someone who is just as confident if not more so. Nothing is more attractive than a women or a man being confident, you pretty much just ooze pheromones and charisma. Everyone loves a romantic, kindness, and making memories with someone else.Let me know who you are. By the way, I go very slow as it seems no matter how old people get you can't trust them too easily. I go slow to protect me and you from annoyance and heart break it's better to build a friendship and then transition to the next level rather than just jumping to dating.Ready for something interesting? Put Substance in the subject of your e-mail and let's get started with getting to know each other.Look we are never promised good days or life so live in the moment if you want something grab hold of it and take chances because you never know, fuck what people say and fuck your doubts and fuck what you are suppose to like by what other people are telling you and just go with what you feel and you'll be happier in the end. Just a little boost of encouragement from me for all you seekers of love and life out there :)Ah one more thing, no one 30 and over, I'm only 20 so I'd like to keep it around my age range and no children, you don't have time for dating if you have a little human to take care of. I'm 420 friendly and hit the drink scene like everyone else and I'm the party girl type though I've cut back since the people I use to party with have some personal issues to sort out.